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Latest inflight devices

Gear Handle (GH115)

The Gear Handle controls the landing gear and indicates its current status.

Engine Interface Unit (EIU)

The Engine Interface Units’ (EIU) main functionality is to collect multiple analogue sensor data and convert them into digital signals.

SRA - SeLa (Sensor-based Landing aid) Radar Altimeter

The SRA is a sensor-based landing aid system; it assists the pilot in landing the helicopter on unpaved surfaces.

Stereo Infrared Headset System (SIHS 2000NG) Communication, Passenger Address and Entertainment

The SIHS 2000 NG is a cordless infrared headset for communication.

DCU Interface Box (DIB)

The DCU Interface Box performs the adaptation of some helicopter signals into ARINC429 format ...

Central Advisory and Warning System (CAWS 4800) - Indicating and Recording Systems

The Central Advisory and Warning System (CAWS) is a data acquisition, logic processing and display system.

Experimental Autopilot

The system can control the aircraft automatically or manually in all three axes.