Stereo Infrared Headset System (SIHS  2000NG) Communications, Passenger Address and Entertainment

The SIHS 2000 NG is a cordless infrared headset for communication. Designed for fixed and rotary wing aircraft with the purpose of overcoming reported information with current public address systems in general, and to add a safety feature in particular as it removes the potential hazards that may be encountered by passengers while evacuating in an emergency.


The system consists of a control unit, charging station, transmitters and headsets.


The control unit receives audio signals from the aircraft PA, intercommunication and entertainment systems and transmits them to passenger headsets via a number of transmitters suitably mounted within the cabin. The control unit receives and processes audio inputs which can be selected externally as required.


The transmitters are lightweight devices similar in shape and dimension to passenger reading lights and consist of diodes, which emit infrared signals.

Equipment specification:

Infrared control unit P/N 2003-2NG

Power requirements: 28 VDC nominal


Voltage supply variation: 24 to 35 VDC


Power consumption: 200 mA standby,
4.5 Amp max. with 10 transmitters in each section


Audio frequency range: 20 Hz to 20 kHz



  • Up to 3 independent entertainment inputs
  • 2 PA inputs (pilot, copilot)
  • 1 intercom input (flight attendant station or aircraft intercom system)


Input audio level: 300 mV to 10 VRMS


Input audio impedance: 600 Ω


Modulation: FM


Carrier frequency channel 1: 2.3 MHz


Carrier frequency channel 2: 2.8 MHz


Distortion: at 1 kHz, less than 1%


Weight: 750 g

Infrared transmitter P/N 2002-3NG

Control Transmitter Headset Charging

Power requirements: 28 VDC (supplied by control-unit)


Supply voltage variation: 24 to 33 VDC


Power consumption: 120 mA


Infrared wavelength: 950 nm


Radiation angle: 120°


Weight: 150 g

Stereo infrared headset P/N 2010-2NG

Frequency response: 20 Hz to 18 kHz


Power requirements: 3.6 VDC (rechargeable battery pack)


Distortion: at 1 kHz, less than 1%


Modulation: FM


Max volume: 110 dB


Battery type: NiMh


Battery capacity: 900 mAh


Battery voltage: 3.6 VDC


Operating time: more than 15 h


Weight: ≈ 400 g

Automatic charging station P/N 2002-4NG

Power requirements: 230 VAC / 50 Hz, 450 W


Standard charge current: 200 mA (each headset)


Trickle charge current: 25 mA (each headset)


Output: for 20 headsets